Basements in Texas? SURE!!!

North Texas Basements, Inc. is a total solutions residential and commercial foundation contractor specializing in basement construction, crawl spaces, and slabs on grade. We also specialize in concrete retaining walls. All North Texas Basements, Inc. structural foundation work is built according to American Concrete Institute national code and the Concrete Foundation Association standards and procedures.  To protect the structure from soil movement, all of the foundation work starts below the drought line - a depth that gives the structure resistance to most ground movement.

Total Solutions

- Engineering

- Excavation and Forming

- Poured concrete basements, walls,   

  and foundations

- Drainage

- Waterproofing

- Backfilling



Water can damage anything.  You must understand the two sources of water to take care of any property.  One source is the ground, subsurface water.  The second source of water on a property is surface water - rain.  

Subsurface water is controlled by proper drainage. North Texas Basements, Inc. takes this drainage extremely seriously.  We install drainage around the perimeter of the basement and backfill with gravel to ensure proper management of the ground water.  As a result of the drainage around a basement, your basement either has a sump pump pit or a daylight gravity drain outlet.  If either of these subsurface systems are not completed properly and maintained over the life of thee home, water may become a problem that could ultimately damage the home. It is of the utmost importance to maintain a constant moisture content around the home.

Surface water is controlled with proper drainage around the home.  The ultimate goal of the surface water drainage is to not let the subsurface water around a foundation be influenced by the surface water.  Grading around the structure must be done to ensure water runs off away from the structure.  According to code there must be a minimum of 10 ft distance at a slope of 5% (6 in).  Secondly, to control drainage properly a home must have gutters and downspouts.  The gutters must be installed to catch ALL water coming off the roof. Downspouts must get water away from the home.  If downspouts are piped away from the home, North Texas Basements, Inc. recommends Schedule 40 pipe or SDR35 pipe to ensure strength and sealed joints.