Builder Confidence

"I grew up in Amarillo, Texas in a fine old house built in 1936 which had a full basement.  That house set a standard of quality for me for the way a house should be built, and it gave me an affinity for basement and traditional crawl space foundations, which I believe are superior to the conventional slab foundations so common today.  Naturally, I was very glad to encounter a bonified “basement evangelist” in Tom Werling and we’ve done a number of projects together, including my very own home." 

- Rob Sell, President, V Fine Homes

Sense of Security

"Tom from day 1 was phenomenal, from the first 10 minutes under my "lean-to" to digging the first scoop on 31st of May.  Tom and his crew put a sense of safety in my family that not a lot of people in my town will ever have. The back porch that we built on top of our basement turned out better that I had envisioned. I invite you to come see us."  

- Corey, Forney, Texas


"Tom, thank you, thank you for our basement. You were dead on when saying basements save on utilities. We have been through 2 summers with rarely an electric bill getting over $200. Including the basement, that makes 4,200 sq ft of air conditioned space." 

- Bill, Denton, Texas  

Satisfied Customer

 "I want to again thank you for the wall work. Your professionalism in the construction field is excellent. Based on you and your team's performance I am very happy to act as a reference if you need one. Thank you again for helping build our dream home." 

- Satisfied Customer 


I am sending a picture of the crew after removing the forms from my retaining wall. Thanks for all your work. It was very professional.  

- Peter, Midlothian

Added Benefits

Basements offer several advantages.  They create additional storage space.  They can cut electricity costs because space below ground is cooler and will suck heat out of the upstairs rooms.  With the HVAC units downstairs, there is no need to foam the attic to keep the ductwork cool.  A basement can provide safety from tornadoes, as well as from fire and theft when safes are built into the concrete. Tom Werling also testifies that for many houses, digging a basement is not much more expensive than laying a traditional slab foundation with piers and beams.

- Basements in Texas are gaining popularity, Dallas Morning News


Before You Go...What you need to know and control!

A basement's purpose is to support the home and keep it safe from external forces that may cause damage to the structure above. As with everything, proper care ensures successful results.  Know that water can damage anything.  There are two sources of water that can damage a home and both must be controlled differently.  One source is the ground, subsurface water.  The second source of water on a property is surface water - rain.    

To learn how to control both sources, click below.

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I am happy to tell you that North Texas Basements, Inc. was chosen for the 2018 Best of Haslet Awards in the category of Concrete Contractor. The Best of Haslet Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community. 

Blake, Best of Haslet Award Committee